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Welcome in a hottest liveshow streaming for adults! Undress this girl now! Live online translation more than 1500 hottiest girls.
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I know that majority of you don'-t celebrate Thanksgiving and that it is a Canadian thing...I hear about and we can read many of the posts in the forums and all tend to be directed at:.... What we like....what we don'-t like....what we want....what we don'-t want....things that annoy us.....things that upset and anger us......things that arouse us.....things that turn us on and off....things that we think need improving.....things that are not good enough....and soooo much hearing, reading and experienceing in one way or anther mother natures affects all around the world in many different ways......crimes, wars, unsettlement, riots and so much more. Sooo I thought that maybe we could do something completely different and from left field....instead of a post that deals with the things listed above and about for a change we think, say and list the things that we are thankful for.... It will only take a few mintues out of our daily lives of being faced with stress, upset, negativity, hostilities and all the other things that we face often.... We all have at least one thing, if not more that we are grateful for...especially compared to those who have nothing....and considering all that has and is happening around the world It can be one thing or a list of two or more.... I will go first.....I am thankful grateful for my health, the love that I get from and give to my family and friends, the laughter that fills my heart from those I come into contact with, the laughter and smiles that I am able to bring to others faces, my home with a beautiful yard, with many fruit trees, diffferent types of berry bushes, flowers, the mountains and beauty that surround me, the deer, bear and other wild life that enters my yard, for having a job that pays my bills, being able to put food on the table, being able to walk out my front or back door safely without having to worry about anything other than if I will step in the gifts that the bear and deer leave in my yard after raiding the fruit trees and berry bushes, hehehehehehe, the beautiful colours of fall, that the forest fires were no where near as bad as they usually are from spring to late fall, for the good and the bad that happens in life.....because with out both there is no balance and we will not appreciate the good/possitive that we encounter. For all this and more I am thankful and grateful for....So what are you grateful for? Happy Thanksgiving to all....hugggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

Well deserved silver medal, i am sure gold will be yours very soon. See u at the beach princess :)
Daniel.... where are you? i miss you so long not see you... kiss

Quando chi sposiamo?
why don'-t you just kiss and make up?

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